“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

–John D. Rockefeller

At OEM+ Auto Tops, Inc., we provide a true “OEM” replacement. By incorporating originally sourced materials, a sustainable glass window bonding system, and unmatched expertise and craftsmanship into all products, OEM+ Auto Tops supplies you with quality convertible tops that are both durable and reliable.

The longevity of our glass window bonding is of our utmost importance here at OEM+ Auto Tops. Through the utilization of both an automated glass window edge folding system and the current surface flush mount glass system, our team of professionals duplicate the exact factory appearance from both the interior and the exterior of the glass window.

We have a multitude of advanced equipment which fabricates our glass window bonding systems. Our products are constructed using the latest, most technologically advanced tooling in the industry, ranging from computerized sewing machines to automated laser cutting machines.

In obtaining the impeccable quality of all our products, we pride ourselves on the use of the same components utilized in OEM factories. With original materials sources from across the planet, we ensure the perfect, factory resemblance of both the feel and fit of our convertible tops.

As technology continues to advance in this ever-changing industry, we chose to produce the latest and most challenging convertible tops and headliners. In addition, to assist our upholsterers in the installation of the considerably complicated tops, we integrate pre-punched holes and drawn lines on our products, along with the inclusion of thorough instructions in our packaging.

Our breakthrough systems are unprecedented and far more advanced than the industry’s current aftermarket manufacturers. As the industry advances, we continue to reinvest in our research and development to improve our products and push the limits of production.

Honored to present the industry with an exact factory replacement, we bring to you OEM+ Auto Tops, Inc.

Garo “Gary” Dekirmendjian

Perfect Fit Guarantee

We produce convertible tops that are as close to the original as possible.

Made in USA

All our tops are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality replacement convertible tops with satisfaction guaranteed.